1. Swaziland

Buhle strove to change the Constitution of Swaziland. Despite being difficult to attain, a long-term goal such as this is still an appropriate objective for the JusticeMaker, providing the Fellow is working on other objectives as well. For example, Buhle based lessons at the University of Swaziland on what he learned while a JusticeMaker. Through his lessons, Buhle raised greater awareness about relevant issues among his students. Buhle also offered legal assistance to the accused and set up a legal aid clinic. He explained that this approach was more sustainable because of limitations on workshops and the need to focus on actual cases.

2. Kenya

When asked what advice Joy would give future JusticeMaker fellows, she responded: "They need to have a passion for this. A love for helping people. Take one day at a time and live for the here and now. Enjoy the successes. Believe in making a difference."

3. Sri Lanka

Bureaucracy in Sri Lanka requires a lot of patience when it comes to project implementation.  It takes 3 to 4 attempts (returning several days to the court) to secure a certified copy of a case file at the courts. 2010 JusticeMakers Fellow Harshi Perrera has no direct interaction with the central government. However her government interaction stems from talking to prison officials. She has certain members of the prison staff who help her find the appropriate people to give legal aid to. This way she manages to proceed with her project on time.
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