Fellows can and should continue to fund-raise for the project. Additional funds can help with sustainability and outreach.

Read the Grant Writing and Fundraising Guide available in this section.

Monitor funding opportunities on a regular basis, using a Fundraising Master File list.

Compile a list of online fundraising resources that can help.

Don't forget that you should call the foundation or agency you are interested in to request a copy of its annual report and grant guidelines. These are often online and can be downloaded.

Sponsorship with local businesses. (partnership with telephone companies for discounts or with estate agents for free rooms to hold meetings or seminars, thus keeping costs low for Fellows)

Send the proposals to others in your network in order to check they make sense to someone who is completely unfamiliar with project.

Remember: DON’T copy and paste from the website of the donor. And bear in mind that proposals can NOT be standardised. They must be tailored to each individual request for a proposal.