Collaboration is important: Building partnerships with reputable organizations is an important task for fellows. Partnerships may strengthen the project and increase goodwill.  For example, 2010 JM Nana Chapidze is working with UNICEF to improve the juvenile justice system in Georgia. She gets more access and better information because she is partnering with a well known international organization.

A. Build partnerships with similar organizations

1. Swaziland
Partnering with local organizations and the University of Swaziland enhanced Buhle’s project because the students participated in the workshops. The partnerships also added legitimacy to Buhle's work at the local level. At the beginning of the project, the organization was unregistered, so partnering with reputable organizations garnered goodwill. Finally, through educating lawyers Buhle learned there was a lack of awareness in the legal community regarding the extent of the human rights problem on which he focused. Thereafter, many attorneys sought change.

2. Kenya
Joy gave examples of her successful collaborations:

Child Legal Awareness Programme-the organization facilitated the availability of pro bono lawyers to give legal aid to inmates.
Kisumu Juvenile Remand Home-those in charge of this state facility were always available when Joy wanted to meet children charged with an offence. The individuals also assisted Joy by identifying the most deserving cases.
Radio Nam Lolwe-the community radio station gave Joy the opportunity to broadcast lessons on criminal court processes and the rights of the those accused.
FIDA-this organization referred Joy to accused people who were unable to afford lawyers.
Law Society of Kenya-Kisumu branch–the Law Society branch officials gave pro-bono legal services to inmates.
World Vision-the organization referred Joy to a case involving a sexually abused child and helped pay court fees. 

B. Affiliations

A. Make the most of personal connections

1. Swaziland
Buhle is a patron of the University of Swaziland Law Society. He used a Law Society event to raise awareness on his JusticeMakers project, spark student interest and recruit volunteers.

2. Brazil
On of Aziz's interns explained that the use of friends and personal connections was key to ensuring the costs of production were kept low.

3. Kenya
Peter garnered respect for CLEAR by involving people with the project that had impressive connections to key officials.

4. Nigeria
Peter formed relationships with members of the police through a personal contact with an officer prior to initiating his project. Therefore, it was easier for him to work with members of the police.

5. Uganda
Robert formed a strong relationship with leaders in the district by inviting them to come and speak at an event.
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