Contrary to the Nigerian Constitution, the Nigerian police often arrest people without allowing them to notify their families or contact a lawyer. John Densky, a documentary photojournalist and a volunteer, travelled to local communities and distributed leaflets that provided information on police activities. He also carried out sensitization workshops in the communities to raise awareness of the JM project. John promoted and advertised the workshops by utilizing local schools and churches that supported human rights work.

In an effort to improve Pakistan's juvenile justice system, Malik Tahir Iqbal's organisation, Legal Rights Forum (LRF), provided legal aid and trained prison staff as well as accused juveniles on juvenile rights. To advertise the project, the LRF hung posters and banners about juvenile rights at various police stations. The LRF also encouraged lawyer participation by hanging banners at the Bar Association and through text messages and emails.

Franck Kamanga Cibangu sought to help female victims of violence and to prevent arbitrary detention. A few ways he raised awareness of his project was by joining the national campaign on violence against women, appearing on a TV show that collaborated with the Lingala Facile Journal, one of the most popular local journals in Kinshasa.