Anticipating setbacks:
Stakeholders might not always be responsive to ideas and projects. The local justice systems can be frustratingly slow. Setting realistic targets and developing a realistic timeline will be useful to positively deal with setbacks. 

Be flexible and creative.
In Swaziland, JusticeMakers Fellow Buhle Dube experienced difficulty accessing evidence on cases they were monitoring in the Customary Courts. To overcome this problem, Buhle and his team talked to the accused directly. Buhle was also flexible in his approach of engaging leaders of the community in discussions about human rights violations. Buhle’s solution involved building rapport with the community leaders and providing an opportunity for them to discuss their understanding of criminal justice--how they understood the process of prosecuting individuals. Buhle believed his success was because he approached the problem as a researcher rather then a teacher/ professor. He claimed that as soon as the public realized he was interested in knowing more about them whilst imparting information, they welcomed him.
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