Communications Made Easy with a JusticeMakers Communications Intern

We see tremendous value in the documentation of your experience over the next year. Yet we understand that to bring the sort of change you outlined in your proposals, you are going to be very very busy.

To that end, we suggest JusticeMakers find an intern who is dedicated to communications. We are hoping you can find an aspiring journalist, local law student, or intern to assist you with project documentation. You could also think about advertising for a Syrian law student as an intern, as they could assist with interpretation. As a separate document, we are providing you with a job advertisement detailing the desired skills, experience, and time commitment. You can use this as a template for recruiting communications volunteers through your networks.

Your intern should manage the communications with IBJ, assist with blogging, help with program logistics and event management. We are hoping that this additional capacity will enable you to focus your efforts on the logistics of project implementation, without sacrificing the opportunity to share your story with the rest of the JusticeMakers Community, potential funders, and other social entrepreneurs.
Last modified: Tuesday, 8 February 2022, 9:27 AM