IBJ Legal Training Resource Center

The objective of the IBJ Legal Training Resource Center is to increase public defender capacity worldwide through the creation of on-demand web-based eLearning courses that will give lawyers the crucial skills necessary to represent defendants in the criminal justice system.

The eLearning courses present defenders with multimedia training courses on the basic tenets of criminal defense, focusing on skills applicable worldwide that teach lawyers how to protect their clients’ rights. The most effective and universal moments of IBJ’s physical trainings are captured through online video, narrated slideshows, and other multimedia tools. The platform also includes a series of short exams where trainees can demonstrate their mastery of the content. The curriculum provides relevant training on domestic laws relating to the criminal procedure in target countries, enabling defenders to understand the implications their domestic statutes have for the practice of criminal law.

This program will assist attorneys in obtaining training and enable them to command respect for the rights of the accused, while enhancing their professional credentials and reputation. The initiative specifically targets defenders and legal aid centers living beyond the reach of, or without the resources to participate in, IBJ’s current portfolio of programs. With an emphasis on common legal defenses, trial skills, and the interviewing of clients, the program brings the crux of IBJ’s pragmatic approach to a global audience.

Defender Accreditation Initiative

As a complement to eLearning, IBJ is developing Defender Accreditation initiatives in tandem with local justice institutions - establishing minimum standards for defender competency and creating incentives even for veteran lawyers to improve their skill sets. Locally sponsored IBJ criminal defense accreditation systems help open doors for legal aid lawyers, prepares top advocates to earn casework, compensation, and respect for which they deserve. This will entail a series of tests and demonstrations enabling top defenders to position themselves within their criminal defense meritocracy. Defenders earn certification by demonstrating their mastery of a subset of eLearning coursework. In countries lacking professional certification exams, accreditations serve as a form of defender quality control.

IBJ is partnering with local bar associations in order to facilitate the creation of high-level eLearning courses aimed at raising criminal defense standards in target countries. Through these partnerships, the local bar associations sometimes sponsor the eLearning Program and provide accreditation to attorneys who complete the courses successfully. If you are interested in partnering with IBJ to form an accreditation program in your country, please contact us at eLearning@ibj.org.

More information: IBJ Legal Training Resource Center Concept Note.


The mission of the IBJ Legal Training Resource Center is to provide access to legal education that enables lawyers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to guarantee everyone the right to competent legal representation, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to a fair trial.

The IBJ Legal Training Resource Center is designed to increase competence in legal representation of the accused by fostering the development of critical thinking skills in lawyers around the world.

IBJ Legal Training Resource Center is also designed to foster the cross-fertilization of legal concepts between different cultures and legal systems.

IBJ believes that lifelong learning plays a crucial role in the development of lawyers around the world. To this end, the IBJ Legal Training Resource Center will offer both general instruction and advanced practice courses.

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