Tips on Running a Meeting

Setting Reporting Expectations
Please read carefully through the Minutes of Meeting Template to have in mind all the elements you will be expected to record and report after the meeting. This will help you prepare the meeting.
Kindly attach the Minutes of Meeting(s) to your Monthly Report to be sent to IBJ Program Director.

Clearing Responsibilities in Advance
A staff member other than the fellow should be assigned, prior to the meeting, the following responsibilities:
Collect all the attendees’ name, contact details, gender and profession in a list
Take extensive notes of the meeting and/or record the discussions with a digital voice recorder and/or videotape the meeting
If relevant, take photographs of the roundtable events and prepare a caption for each picture
The same staff member will be responsible for completing the Minutes of Meeting Template that the fellow will check before sending it along with the Monthly Report to IBJ Headquarters. 

Getting the expected results
Clearly identify the purpose/goal of the meeting. What do you hope to achieve by meeting these people? Remember that the more concise and specific your goal is, the more likely it is that concrete results and commitments will come out of the discussions.
If your interlocutors are making commitments, try, whenever possible, to make them commit on a specific and realistic deadline so that they feel they have a responsibility to act.
Try to list short-term follow-up action items to the meeting.
Finally, step back a moment think how this meeting is contributing to the larger goal of improving your local criminal justice system.

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