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Best time to travel to Tibet

Best time to travel to Tibet

by Zoe Cheng -
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Generally speaking, the best time to travel to Tibet is from late May to mid-October, which is also the peak season for Tibet travel. In May and June, the snow and ice in the Everest region have begun to melt. In late October, most places of Tibet have met winter, and the mountains are wrapped in snow and ice, thus it is difficult for visitors to travel around.

In fact, Tibet has different scenery throughout the year. The best time for Traveling to Tibet can be the whole year. Because you can enjoy flowers in spring, escape the heat in summer, admire the colorful landscapes in autumn, and play with snow in winter. The seasons are different so is the consumption.

From March to April, it is the spring of Tibet, and the most well-known attraction at this time is Nyingchi, where the peach blossoms are in full bloom. The annual "Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival" falls during this period. In addition to Nyingchi, the nearby town of Lulang is worth visiting. There are not many visitors who Travel to Tibet at this time, so the price is not very high.

From May to August, Tibet is more suitable for viewing natural Tibet tourist attractions, and the climate is pleasant for a summer escape, but it is also the season with the most tourists of the year. However, it should be noticed that the ultraviolet rays in Tibet are particularly strong, so pay attention to sun protection.

From September to October, when the rainy season has just passed, it is a great opportunity to hike Medog, and it is also a great time to travel through Ngari. Before you know it, the whole of Tibet has been dyed golden, and you may see the panoramic view of Nanga Bawa Peak. At this time, there are not many people who come to Tibet to travel, and the travel price is also acceptable. However, the weather is dry, and you should pay attention to moisturizing your skin. This stage is also considered to be the best time to visit Tibet.

The winter from November to February of the following year is the low tourist season in Tibet. Because of climate and safety factors, most people do not choose to travel at this time. However, at this time, Tibet has the unique serenity and beauty of the snowy plateau, and you will find that the sky here is so pure. In winter, Tibet is very warm. Drinking a cup of sweet tea at Jokhang Temple, basking in the sun, and celebrating the Tibetan New Year with the Tibetans are all worth experiencing.