Observations found that monkeypox in Canada infects 112 people, all men - more than 1,300 cases worldwide.

Observations found that monkeypox in Canada infects 112 people, all men - more than 1,300 cases worldwide.

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canada public health A total of 112 cases of monkey 

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pox were confirmed in the country. all men The number of infected people worldwide has exceeded 1,300, most of them in Europe.

June 11, Reuters The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in 30 countries around the world has exceeded 1,300, with most of them in Europe.

Xinhua reported that Public Health Canada was led by Chief of Staff Theresa Tam. There have been 112 confirmed cases, including one in British Columbia, four in Alberta, nine in Ontario, and 98 in Quebec, according to the statement.

The age range of the patients was between 20-63 years and all of them were men. The monkey pox virus can "Infect everyone" through close contact with an infected person.

“The National Microbiology Laboratory is conducting tests to confirm other suspected cases. another number We are preparing for more confirmed cases in the coming days and weeks,” Tam said.

National Advisory Board on Immunization of Canada New Public Health Canada-approved Imvamune use for monkeypox immunization has been issued.

Recommendations suggest that one dose of Imvamun may be given to individuals at high risk of infection from close contact with suspected cases. or the patient confirmed the result of smallpox. or within an area where the virus has been spread especially within 4 days after exposure

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), monkey pox is an animal-to-human disease that can infect humans. and is often found in the forests of Central and Western Africa. caused by the monkey pox virus belonging to the Orthopox virus family (Orthopoxvirus)