Balloon insertion vs gastric bypass surgery, which one is better to lose weight?

Balloon insertion vs gastric bypass surgery, which one is better to lose weight?

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In today's era, people focus on the shape of the 

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top. Not just because it builds your self-confidence, but "obesity" leads to many health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure. Hyperlipidemia, heart disease and respiratory disease Therefore, there are many methods to reduce obesity nowadays that come into helping to lose weight easier, whether it is a balloon to lose weight or gastric bypass surgery. So what is the difference between these two methods?

Making a gastric balloon

Dr. Wachiraphong Ekpaiboon, a specialist in gastroenterology and liver disease World Medical Hospital (WMC) states that gastric balloon surgery. A balloon is inserted into the stomach using endoscopic techniques. Then put water into the balloon to inflate it. This will make the stomach accept less food. make the patient feel full all the time This method is used to treat people who are overweight. help to lose weight Which is suitable for weight loss of about 20 kg without harm to the body, this method will take faster recovery time than surgery. because there is no wound It does not take long, about 15-30 minutes, and the size of the balloon can be adjusted according to the patient's suitability. Which will take about 1 year to enter the balloon, can reduce weight on average 18 - 24 kg without returning to yo-yo again because during the insertion of the balloon There will be an adjustment in eating behavior.

Advantages of inserting a balloon

take time to recover quickly

Reduce appetite, feel full quickly

Effectively limit food intake

Disadvantages of using balloons

Mild nausea in the first 1-2 weeks

Not suitable for pregnant women People with severe acid reflux stomach ulcer

stomach surgery

The purpose of gastric bypass surgery is to control eating behavior. This is because the smaller stomach will make you feel full faster and eat less. However, gastric bypass surgery can only be performed by people who are overweight. or is obese but using other methods to lose weight In the past, it didn't work, such as diet, exercise, or diet pills. Precautions for this method of weight loss are The risks are the same as other surgeries, so people with underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease should consult a medical professional closely. for safety