Decode "School Shooting" with 5 Behaviors of Violent People

Decode "School Shooting" with 5 Behaviors of Violent People

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Understanding America's School Shootings including shooting people in Thai department stores Is it a consequence of the mental symptoms of the person doing the action or not?

causes of violence in society

Assoc. Prof. Somphot Iamsuphasit Behavioral Psychologist Former Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Chulalongkorn University stated that violence is something that can happen to everyone. which everyone must understand that there is an opportunity to commit violence to others Both in speech and actions, not related to normal or abnormal in the mind. but in terms of aggression Violence is human nature to survive, but it is more important to prevent violence.

"aggression Social violence is a worldwide problem. especially in the era of social technology Everyone can't wait, can't wait, and can immediately express the nature of technology. As a result, children do not think about whether they can do it or not. At the same time, Thai society now When raising children, there is no teaching children to control themselves. They don't practice self-control and don't understand and care about the rules of society, so all these things can cause everyone to create violence in society."

5 behaviors of people who are prone to violence

People who are prone to acts of violence and aggression will have noticeable behaviors as follows:

pessimistic because he sees himself as being treated and manifested in opposition to him.

Thai people often do not see the cause of problems as being caused by ourselves. But they see others acting on themselves. Therefore, everyone should look for problems from their own perspective. not looking outside

people who want to be I want everyone to refer So he can demand any behavior to get his attention.

children isolated from society like to be alone These children may behave aggressively. because he lacks the skills to live which is very important to instill in children Emphasis on peaceful coexistence

likes to watch, or is interested in anything that is malicious behavior Some people may have bad behavior, but some people may have a different view.

Factors by which criminals choose to show violence against others or those who are inferior

Natthee Jitsawang, criminologist The former director-general of the Department of Corrections said that in terms of criminology is interdisciplinary Use multiple perspectives common science There are 2 variables that cause the incident, namely, motivation and opportunity. From the study of various shootings Over 30 years in foreign countries, it was found that people who committed crimes were

He is an introvert, solitary, does not talk to anyone, is an introvert.

was committed in childhood From school, family, work, pressure, hatred

I've always been with violence.

Learn from incidents of violence and opportunities, such as access to weapons, etc.

Therefore, when there is a motive and access to opportunities, violence is easy to develop. But in Thailand, shootings may not be much, but death by firearms is easy. Because a person may have 4-5 guns, so the opportunity or control of firearms in the country must be controlled. Everyone in society has to come together to demand this. and must eliminate the motive that will happen to each individual giving everyone an opportunity to vent Do not create rules that cause mutual advantage. However, solving the problem of violence in society If violence is used to solve violence, will it cause more violence or not? depending on the condition of each society