Lifelong Learning to survive at work

Lifelong Learning to survive at work

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Among the technology that is getting 

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smarter every day and ready to take the place of human work at any time. New graduates are produced by educational institutions every year. Some people, despite having less work experience, But the skills are tighter and work more flexible than the old workers who see how they work. What has evolved in a better way? rapidly changing social conditions and epidemics that affect the economy and jobs. It is an important factor that makes many workers feel insecurity in their work. We may become unemployed at any time. If not developed and adapted

One of the Soft Skills in the post-COVID-19 era of working people is to be ready to learn for life or Lifelong Learning because the world changes every day. Information is updated every hour. Lifelong Learning is a form of learning. know life By starting to learn new things by yourself endlessly. without limiting how old they are This is one of the ways to develop yourself to remain in need of the organization.

According to the World Economic Forum, in just five years, lifelong learning skills are required by 35 percent of the labor market to keep up with the ever-changing workforce. Therefore, it is imperative that we develop ourselves with new knowledge all the time for our current and future work. Because the knowledge or skills of the same work may not be enough to compete with competitors. The competitors are technology, the young generation, and the social and economic conditions that directly affect employment.

Getting back to learning something new after a long absence from school can be difficult. But it's not to the extent that it can't be done. If you don't know how to start Lifelong Learning, Tonkit360 has the answer.

Has a growth mindset, is someone who does not like to stand still.

Growth Mindset is a type of thinking and belief that “I am the one who determines what I need to know.” People with this type are open to learning. to be used to develop, improve and fill in the previously missing parts because I believe that talent Intelligence is something that can be created. Even if you are not good at it now, keep practicing. Work hard. Never stop trying new things. Growth Mindset is an important tool to make a person become someone who loves to learn for life. or Lifelong Learning, has an attitude that will only develop in a better way and lead to sustainability in the end Both self-development, the society around them, including the working organization will benefit from non-stop learning and development

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Members of your team develop new interests as they learn new abilities and gain knowledge. They can then set new career and personal goals thanks to something like this. A business's success is guaranteed by flexibility and thorough growth. Teaching employees time management, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and other soft skills is crucial. Building procedures within the organization is simpler if the team members are knowledgeable in these fields. Off-topic, visit and try the app for free.


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