Let's hear how startups in Columbus How does Ohio hire tech talent?

Let's hear how startups in Columbus How does Ohio hire tech talent?

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Columbus Technology Jobs Ohio began in the early 2010s when the state made investments that made it easier for entrepreneurs to start companies. Fast forward to the present And companies of all sizes are attracting talent from across the country. This is partly due to Columbus' low cost of living and the young, skilled talent pool.

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In this TechCrunch Live special, I spoke with three local leaders about employers, how companies keep their employees. And what will the city's job market look like in the future? The panel included Erika Pryor, founder of EPiC Creative + Design, a marketing coaching and course design firm; Alex “Fro” Frommeyer, CEO of digital dental insurance company Beam Dental; and Ryan Landau, founder and CEO of Purpose Jobs, a Midwest-based company that connects talent with companies.

Panelists emphasize that the search for great tech talent isn't the only thing to be found on the coast. But here in Columbus The ecosystem also brings together companies and people to help them learn tech skills and discover new opportunities. The peculiarity of the city is the presence of larger and more established companies. which creates space for innovation and investment in helping employees build They continue to be "great tech enterprises" in their respective sectors.